'Love Should Die' is the largest online community relating to Andrew Lloyd Webber's latest train-wreck of a show, LOVE NEVER DIES, a non-awaited and hugely misguided sequel to THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA that bastardizes the original story by Gaston Leroux and Webber’s smash-hit musical.

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We feel strongly that Andrew Lloyd Webber's latest musical, LOVE NEVER DIES, is a completely misguided venture that is a detriment to the story of the original PHANTOM OF THE OPERA novel and musical of the same name and that, contrary to the information being reported by the Really Useful Group and perpetuated by the ill-informed media, is neither in the interest of nor desired by the story's many fans. Virtually everything about the show strikes us as illogical, irrational, offensive and frankly stupid.


We aim to provide a platform for the many people out there who maintain that this should have never been given the green light and who are disappointed and disillusioned by the decisions of Lloyd Webber, his creative team and the Really Useful Group regarding LOVE NEVER DIES.

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