The Australian

“...the story is as rickety and jerry-rigged as a Coney Island roller coaster...”


The Age

“The songs aren't as memorable ...and there's only so much you can do with recycled goods.”

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The below reviews are unedited and are based on the Melbourne Australia and Sydney Australia versions of Love Never Dies from May 28, 2011 - January 18, 2012.

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                       - London Production - Press Reviews v1.0 (Mar-Dec 2010)


                       - London Production - Press Reviews v2.0 (Dec 2010 - Aug 2011)


Updated: Jan 18, 2012

Australian Production - Press Reviews

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“banal lyrics...the implausible plot...You can’t build a show on one great song. Or the memories of an old fantastical piece of musical theatre”

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Sydney Morning Herald

“An inspired, often ravishing production for sure, though of a sequel that doesn’t make a strong enough musical or narrative argument for its own existence.”

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Australia Arts Hub

“At its heart, Love Never Dies has no heart. It is a hollow spectacle, grandly distracting but unengaging, lacking depth, drama and genuine emotion.”

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Time Out Melbourne

“Without the bedrock of Leroux, it looks suspiciously like Love Never Dies is simply cannibalising its parent”

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Aussie Theatre

“the paper thin story and the utterly unconvincing melodramatic and ridiculous final scene (which brought giggles from many people around me) is still there”

Melbourne Production

Sydney Production

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Time Out Sydney

“[Andrew Lloyd Webber] step away from your piano, hang up your crown and quietly exit stage left. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.”

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Theatre People Australia

“There is only a single subplot to speak of, and it’s one which rarely threatens to become engaging.”

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Daily Telegraph

“While a steady string of showstoppers helped catapult the original [Phantom] into the musical theatre stratosphere, Phantom Part II boasts a far less remarkable score.”

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Stage Noise

“It’s all terrific, aside from the book, lyrics, and music, all of which are mediocre at best and risible the rest of the time.”

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Sydney Morning Herald

“The Phan-boys will never come around to loving it...”
“...The story’s climax stutters...”