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Mastermind Behind LSD Emerges to Destroy Sequel!

Want to know more about the man behind the mask? The press interview the fan who started it all...

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LSD Facebook page removed!

Phantom Phans contact the press to investigate on the mysterious removal of the LSD facebook. Was RUG behind it?

Daily Mail

"Most irksome is without doubt the Facebook group called Love Should Die, set up as a platform to voice animosity.”


Sunday Express

"We feel strongly that Love Never Dies is a completely misguided venture...” say the organisers of a Facebook group cheekily called Love Should Die.”


New York Times

“Elsewhere online, “Love Never Dies” has spawned a Facebook protest group called Love Should Die.”


Daily Mail

“Despite (or because of?) this media blitz, some fans don't seem too impressed. A Facebook group called Love Must Die [sic]insists: “We strongly feel Love Never Dies is a completely...”



“The discontent with the sequel is such that even a group has emerged in the social networking site Facebook called 'Love Should Die', which, according to its creator, is a platform of expression for those who think that the sequel should never have been given the green light.”


“A large group of Lloyd Webber's otherwise faithful fans don't like Love Never Dies either.  They've created a Facebook group called 'Love Should Die' to voice their dissatisfaction with the sequel.”


“Fans have even set up a 'Love Should Die' group to actively express their disappointment with the show.


Google News

“...Lloyd-Webber devotees set up a group called "Love Should Die" to voice their disappointment.”



“The show has been attacked from another flank, too – so-called 'Phans' who deplore the very idea of a Phantom sequel....”


CBC News

“The anonymous mastermind of the Love Should Die campaign told the Times that Lloyd Webber had "underestimated the intelligence of his audience."”


Globe and Mail

“A vocal minority of those people have already loudly protested against Love Never Dies, prior to its opening on March 9 (see, for example, the Facebook group Love Should Die)...


Theatre Critic warns LSD followers they will not like LND

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Phans targeted by Webber in the hopes of disabling LSD

RUG feeling threatened by the LSD Campaign, targets loyal Phantom of the Opera phans in a public smear campaign


Phantom fans say Love Should Die

The existence of Love Never Dies has outraged some Phantom Of The Opera fans so much that they have created an anti-sequel group called Love Should Die (LSD)...”

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Love Should Die fans get their wish!

The New York Times reports Love Should Die fans will "get their wish" to see Love Never Dies close..."for a few days anyways".

Updated Jan 18, 2012

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Troubled shows face the music

The “ongoing Web campaign that actively seeks to derail “Love Never Dies”, the “Phantom of the Opera” sequel...”

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Webber comments on the Love Should Die campaign

Webber calls Phantom fans 'mental' with a backhanded compliment stating the Love Should Die campaign was a "highly professional done operation..."

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A Love-Hate Relationship with Phantom

Canadian press weigh in on the Love Should Die campaign after speaking with several members of the internal LSD Team

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Shadow over Phantom Sequel - Campaign Exposed?

A plot to derail the sequel to The Phantom of the Opera has been exposed in Melbourne. Producer is up in arms!

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Love Never Dies (but the West End Musical has)

“Love Never Dies, which has divided fans and critics throughout its brief history, will close in London's West End in August after just under 18 months playing at the Adelphi Theatre.

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It turns out Love does die after all

“Webber’s production has been the centre of controversy since it opened, with Phantom of the Opera fans creating a Facebook group and website,, criticising the show.”

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Love Never Dies. Curtains Never Opens

“Frustrated theatregoers established a Facebook protest group called Love Should Die and the show became widely ridiculed as Paint Never Dries in the London press.”

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