Updated June 21, 2011

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Broadway Cast recognize the absurdity of the sequel during a live performance!

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LND cast upset with pre-opening negative fan buzz!

"How can they feel such passionate hatred for something? If they use their resources and energy for something useful, think of what could have happened."

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Webber fined £20,000 for LND paint job

Illegally painting the Adelphi Theatre black.
Article also mentions LND "opened last month to some of the most sour notices in theatre history."

READ MORE http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1266544/Andrew-Lloyd-Webber-faces-20-000-fine-illegally-painting-listed-theatre-black.html

Meg Toplessness is A-OKAY?

Summer Strallen justifies Meg Giry's toplessness in LOVE NEVER DIES thus: "The boys love it and it gives them a little treat."

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False Advertisements for LND!

Critic notes quotation "the theatrical event of the year" used on LOVE NEVER DIES' recent advertisements is "nowhere to be found.”

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Media recognizes Phans causing BWAY delay!

Media report, "general discontent expressed in the online postings by "Phantom" fans" is causing the delay in the Broadway release of LND.

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NYTimes speculates reasons behind BWAY LND Delay!

ALW "reported feeling well and did not complain of post-treatment problems" last month. NYTimes believes LND is delayed so ALW could overhaul it.

READ MORE http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/07/theater/07arts-BROADWAYOPEN_BRF.html

LND Creative Team talk negatively about the show

It obviously looks as if they know something is a miss. Choreographer Mitchell states, "Now I'm working...on Love Never Dies, which some might say is a step down for me..."

READ MORE http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/profiles/how-we-met-jerry-mitchell--jack-obrien-1932462.html

Webber contradicts himself: 3 or 4 fans? Or Many?

3 or 4 people writing bad reviews vs. "many Phan clubs" and mentions "there are a lot of people who didn't want PHANTOM to have a sequel". A must watch video interview.

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Trouble on Coney Island?

ALW threatened to shut down LND during previews and he had some "dark days" after the "devastating" reviews...

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Webber contradicts himself: Not Phantom? Is Phantom?

LND "doesn't have any reference to the old phantom of the opera other than the 4 characters." Moments later, he states he didn't use "very much from the old show"... Shall we remind him? 4 characters, the plot references and all those song samples. Beyond that, utterly stand-alone - right?

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Phantom Tour to Close to make way for LND Tour

US Phantom tour to close to make way for new LND Tour following Broadway opening.

READ MORE http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/bus/columnists/chall/stories/DN-hall_21bus.ART.State.Edition1.3db6537.html

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Webber receives flack for shamelessly advertising!

More outcries from the general public upset with the BBC and Webber for advertising LOVE NEVER DIES on public paid TV.

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Love Never Dies may indeed die in London!

Rumours are circulating that LND may close sooner than expected!

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Phantom Phans speak out against LND!

Phans hit the US Tour and spread the word about the illogical and ludicrous sequel. Phantom audience upset with Webber!

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Phans targeted by RUG in the hopes of disabling LSD

RUG feeling threatened by the LSD Campaign, targets loyal Phantom of the Opera phans in a public smear campaign

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The Timmons and LSD Team issue statements

Responses to the DAILY TELEGRAPH article that the Really Useful Group has chosen to bring to the attention of its followers via Facebook and Twitter

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Trouble at the Coney Island Box Office?

Speculations about Love Never Dies not planning on coming to Broadway for the 2011 season. 

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No ‘Love’ Lost on Broadway

"Lord Bonkers" will NOT bring Love Never Dies to Broadway! The feud between O'Brien/Mitchell and ALW continues while the production fails in London.

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Toronto & Australia Theatre Patrons Next Victims!

Webber confirms script will be rewritten for Toronto & Australian productions. Two different creative teams will be hired to spearhead the revamped show. Best production moves to NY.


Phantom fans say Love Should Die

“The Victorian Government's decision to bring it to Melbourne has left some wondering why taxpayers should fund a stage show that no-one else wants.

READ MORE http://broadwayworld.com/article/LOVE_NEVER_DIES_Takes_FourDay_November_Hiatus_Confirmed_20101021

Love Never Dies to close for 4 days for revamp!

Webber confirms LND will close for 4 days in November 2010 in order to incorporate new direction from a new creative team. New lyrics are also being introduced. No mention of plot changes.

READ MORE http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1322727/Kathy-Burke-star-film-version-John-le-Carr-s-Tinker-Tailor-Soldier-Spy.html

Charles Heart to join the failing creative LND team

Daily Mail reports Charles Heart ‘has tinkered with some of the lyrics in Love Never Dies” while “Bill Kenwright will help put right some of its problems, which include the much-troubled ending.”

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Love Should Die fans get their wish!

The New York Times reports Love Should Die fans will "get their wish" to see Love Never Dies close..."for a few days anyways".

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No Award Love for Love Never Dies

The UK Evening Standard Annual Theatre Awards announces it's list of nominees and snubs Andrew Lloyd Webber’s sequel to Phantom - Love Never Dies. LND is not nominated for ANY award.

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Webber comments on the Love Should Die campaign

Webber calls Phantom fans 'mental' with a backhanded compliment stating the Love Should Die campaign was a "highly professional done operation" that fabricated reviews.

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Exposing The Really Useful Group

As the West End production of Love Never Dies continues to fail, Andrew Lloyd Webber for someone to blame. Two Phantom fans are used as scapegoats in a public smear campaign.

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A Love-Hate Relationship with Phantom

Canadian press weigh in on the Love Should Die campaign after speaking with several members of the internal LSD Team

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Shadow over Phantom Sequel - Campaign Exposed?

A plot to derail the sequel to The Phantom of the Opera has been exposed in Melbourne. Producer is up in arms!

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Bitterness lives on over Love Never Dies

Original director for Love Never Dies Jack O’Brien confirms bad blood with Webber. When asked if LND will arrive in NY he responds: “Over my dead body!”

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Love Never Dies...but it’s hurting

Is the end in sight? “Love Never Dies running in the West End, even though it has lost £4million and stands little chance of recouping its costs.

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Love Never Dies to Close in London

A new theatre production to take over at the Adelphi in November. “Andrew Lloyd Webber’s show will close - the cast will be given details over the next few days...”

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Love Never Dies to close in August

Love Never Dies, “...after substantial rewrites...failed to perform at the box office”

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Andrew Lloyd Webber show to shutter

“Love Never Dies...has failed to live up to its title. The London show will shutter Aug. 27 after just 18 months.

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Love Never Dies (but the West End Musical has)

“Love Never Dies, which has divided fans and critics throughout its brief history, will close in London's West End in August after just under 18 months playing at the Adelphi Theatre.

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Phantom Sequel to Close in London

Love Never Dies was “...revised and re-revised but never caught fire like its predecessor, which is about to celebrate 25 years in the West End.”

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Love Never Dies draws its last breath

Most reports state Webber blames his prostate cancer for  the failed production. This article states LND was “unable to shake off the stigma of its trouble opening”... we disagree on both fronts. 

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It turns out Love does die after all

“Webber’s production has been the centre of controversy since it opened, with Phantom of the Opera fans creating a Facebook group and website, loveshoulddie.com, criticising the show.”