LOVE NEVER DIES Plot Line Confirmed To Be As Feared

February 22, 2010


As the team of 'Love Should Die' have insisted all along, the public were confronted with the unsurprising truth today for the first time that Andrew Lloyd Webber's ill-conceived sequel does largely follow the plotline of Frederick Forsyth's terrible novella THE PHANTOM OF MANHATTAN, which was both a deserved critical and commercial flop when it was published a decade ago.


As most intelligent fans of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA who have been following the trainwreck that is LOVE NEVER DIES have realized, the story ends with Christine choosing the Phantom over Raoul before being shot by a jealous Meg Giry, who effectively stands in for the character of Darius from Forsyth's book.


We are appalled, but not surprised. LOVE NEVER DIES was marketed heavily towards those naïve enough to harbour an vacuous  desire to see 'the Phantom get the girl', despite the very impossibility of this constituting the fundamental point and power of the original musical. The legendary Broadway producer and director Harold Prince, who helmed THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, has stated on several occasions that while the audience should want the Christine to stay with the Phantom, it is important that they realize that this is practically impossible, "because no-one would believe it". Jack O'Brien, Ben Elton, Frederick Forsyth, Glenn Slater and Andrew Lloyd Webber have ignored this at their peril and to their shame. The credibility of all four will plummet considerably.


The Phantom is reduced from a complex character with a fascinating past and villainous tendencies into a figure designed to be even more sympathetic than Professor Petrie of the Hammer Horror film adaptation of Leroux's novel from 1962 (which is infinitely better than this garbage). André Ptaszynski, the show's producer for RUG, has stated that the Phantom "shows a tender and loving aspect which was not evident in THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA".


The team of 'Love Should Die' begs to differ. If the Phantom had not shown any tender loving aspect in the original, why has this character attracted so many fans in the last 2 decades? The truth is that the Phantom best demonstrates his capacity for love in his selfless act of releasing Christine with her lover (who, in the sequel, is villanized to a caricatural extreme as a drunken, abusive father and negligent husband), which this completely misguided venture reverses.


'Love Should Die' feels it speaks on behalf of all its fans and followers in expressing its total disappointment in the actions, comments and apparent senility of Lord Lloyd-Webber and the creative team of LOVE NEVER DIES in mounting this absolute disaster beyond imagination. We hope the wider world will now appreciate just why Ben Elton's remark that this story is "much better" than that penned by Gaston Leroux, which has endured a century and inspired millions, is absolutely absurd.


May the show close as soon as possible in disgrace.


LSD Team


P.S. The 'sexbot' rumour was also proved true. It appears in the first act.


P.P.S. Having realized it is ludicrous to have the Phantom have his way with Christine during the original, it was glossed over that Christine supposedly went back to the Phantom AFTER LEAVING HIM FOR GOOD in order to be impregnated by him. If this does not suggest abuse of LSD as a drug, we don't know what does.

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‘Love Never Dies’ Synopsis:

In LOVE NEVER DIES, your favourite PHANTOM characters are destroyed:

Raoul becomes a gambling alcoholic wife abuser, Christine cheats on Raoul with Phantom and bears the Phantom’s child, the Phantom moves from the magnificent Paris Opera House to New York’s Coney Island theme park to become a composer of vaudeville trash and part-time bar man while fathering his child with Christine, and Meg (Christine’s best friend) becomes a topless dancer and prostitute who murders Christine.


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